Great Australian Racehorses

a look at some of the stars of the australian turf

About Us

Progold Thoroughbreds has been around for a long time,  Writing about horses, breeding and selecting a few from time to time with some good successes.  Our philosophy is always horses for courses, and selecting the right horse for what you want to achieve is the key.  There is no sense in buying a horse for Singapore, and a lot of synthetic tracks, that is suited to the conditions in Brisbane.  Far too few people in the industry appreciate the different types of horses that have success in different areas.  A VRC Derby winner is often a very different horse to an AJC Derby winner in the modern era, and without this knowledge, a lot of good horses have not met their potential.  There are a few websites where you can find more about what we do, but this one is more about the great historical influences of the thoroughbred.


A few of our websites that will give you a better idea of what we are about.  If you want to contact us, please feel free.  I am always up for a discussion about thoroughbreds.

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